The Public Finance Engagement (PFE) module by EQube is a system that manages all the various aspects of Public Finance dealings. Using PFE, users can keep track of deals including issuer information, compliance document checklists, financial look-backs, and continuing disclosures in accordance with SEC and FINRA regulatory requirements.

  • Ability to enter and track deal Information such as issuer, project name, par amount, CUSIP details, etc.
  • Ability to enter deal participants such as analysts, bankers, participants outside the firm, etc.
  • Ability to track financial information such as revenue, profit, gross fees, commissions, retail orders, etc.
  • Ability to attach the filing summary documents, enter notes, etc.
  • Issuer disclosure history
  • Ability to address SEC15c2-12 continuing disclosure requirements
  • Five-Year Look-back verification of financials, operating data and non-compliant filings that are filed on EMMA
  • Track continuing disclosure attestations
  • And much more

To inquire about any of the items listed above and additional features please speak with a sales representative.